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Types of  law : Admiralty


Admiralty law is also called maritime law. In the United States Constitution, Admiralty Law is covered by article III, and in this article it is stated that admiralty law is specifically governed by federal law. Admiralty Law governs all U.S. vessels regardless of what ocean they're sailing in. If a ship is sailing in another country's waters and flying an American flag then that ship is governed by American admiralty law. Admiralty law not only covers oceans but bodies of water within the United States. Since it is federally regulated no states have jurisdiction in regards to legislation in matters of admiralty law.

All countries have maritime law and all countries are responsible for their vessels regardless of what ocean they are sailing in and according to what flag they're flying.

Admiralty law attorneys represent cases of all matters concerning fishing regulations, oil pollution, and cargo disputes. Admiralty attorneys advise on trade laws, legal matters concerning environmental groups and the protection of endangered species. Admiralty attorneys also represent cases in international trade, cargo and injury that has taken place on docks and boats. Admiralty law observes and defends the regulation of freight and passenger liabilities, while also determining with the limitations of certain statutes may be.