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seeking a career as an attorney

Education for lawyers encompasses many areas of legal practice: Civil rights, labor laws, contracts, research and preparation of drafts, administrative laws, real estate laws, intellectual property laws, contracts and litigation are just a few areas of study. Students seeking a law degree must first complete 4 years of undergraduate work. This 4 year degree can be in varying fields ranging from the sciences to english literature.

Obtaining one's Juris Doctoroate usually takes approximately 3 years of additional education after the intial 4 year bachelors degree. Other advanced law degrees are Master of Law degree or Doctorate of Juridicial Science degree. These degress atke additional time beyond the 3 years for the Juris Doctorate.

Law schools are usually assiciated with other larger schools. Large colleges house some of the top law schools such as Columbia, Harvard, and Yale all have law schools affiliated with them. Adavnced degrees of law can be earned at these institutions as well.

There are online law schools that provide education for those who are unable to attend a rigorous class schedule while working or raising children or when their living or monetary arrangements cannot accommodate the expense of education and travel. These courses are provided by competent professionals and students can earn their law degree from home.