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Choosing an Attorney


Things to look for

When finding a lawyer one needs to look for credentials specific to the area of need. An attorney search includes discovering what aspect of the law you need representation in. Inquire about attorneys friend have used previously.

One wouldn't use a malpractice lawyer for a traffic violation. An attorney's legal services have to do with their chosen field of law practice and their demonstrated record of success in that particular area.

Some states have lawyer referral agencies to help with finding the appropriate attorney. These agencies listen to the details of the problem and then refer the client to the appropriate attorney. If the potential client doesn't hire the recommended attorney then they will help to find another. It's very important to find an attorney with whom the client in comfortable. Most legal cases have to do with personal information, and that information must be handled appropriately and professionally.

Listing facts of the problem is important before going in to see any lawyer. If all the facts are written down there is less margin of error on the part of the potential client in terms of saying exactly what he or she wants, and then the attorney being interviewed can answer any and all questions as accurately as possible.

Reasons for needing an lawyer can vary, and most lawyers have areas of specialty. Some of the legal matters that can arise that would require area of specialty are: getting a divorce, selling a home, an auto accident where there was physical damage, drafting a will, setting up an estate, adopting a child, or being accused of a crime.

Questions to Ask Your Lawyer

The types of questions a potential client asks his or her lawyer are important in that they determine the skill of the lawyer. If an attorney who specializes in one area cannot answer questions about legal experience in his or her area of specialty then it is most likely a good idea to find other another lawyer for counsel.

Some questions that can be asked to determine experience and compatibility of client to attorney are as follows.

After explaining the details of the case and answering questions the lawer has or can determine how he or she feels the case should be handled. Ask about the length of time such cases require, and if the lawyer will agree to providing an agreement detailing all expenses and payments equaling the lawyer's total fee. Ask about the court proceedings and how that will be handled, and how the client can expect to participate. It is also a good idea to ask the attorney if he or she has malpractice insurance.