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Information on the Attorney General general and their role in the legal system

The Attorney General is the chief law enforcer of the particular state of his or her residence. Attorney Generals have been elected to their posts by their constituency to protect and enforce laws in a particular state's jurisdiction. Attorney Generals have the responsibility of aggressively pursuing problems of special interest to the population of his or her state.

State programs such as civil right and liberties, domestic violence programs, management of the state's prisons, and creating legislation for drug enforcement, gun laws, and the protection of small children are a few of the Attorney General's functions.

The Attorney General's office is responsible for contact with his or her district attorney and all other law enforcement officials.

The U.S. Attorney General is head of law enforcement of the federal government and is chief of the world's largest law office. The attorney general of The United States represents the country in general legal matters. These responsibilities encompass setting up guidelines to protect citizens from crime, enforcing the law and seeking legal recourse against those who have committed crimes as well as protecting citizens from threats of a non domestic nature. The U.S. Attorney General also has the responsibility of protecting the rights of citizens so that those under investigation are allowed fair representation in a court of law.