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Admiralty law is also called maritime law. In the United States Constitution, Admiralty Law is covered by article III, and in this article it is stated that admiralty law is specifically governed by federal law. Admiralty Law governs all U.S. vessels regardless of what ocean they're sailing in... read more


Aviation Laws in the United States govern aircraft operations and the maintaining of aircraft facilities. Statutes have been created by state and federal governments to create a safer air traffic environment. Aircraft engage in interstate and international commerce. Aviation lawyers must be... read more


Bankruptcy is when an individual or a company files for relief of debt. There are specific courts in the United States who handle bankruptcy rulings and specialty lawyers who handle these cases.There are different types of bankruptcy that serve the different needs of different individuals or ... read more


A Civil Rights attorney has the responsibility of defending the written rights guaranteed to all citizens of the United States. These rights include freedom of speech, freedom to vote, freedom of the press, freedom of assembly, freedom to vote, freedom from slavery, and the right to be treated ... read more


The Attorney General of a particular state houses the division of Consumer protection and its team of consumer fraud attorneys. Complaints about misleading advertising or business practices that are unlawful can be filed and that division investigates and mediates on behalf of the consumer... read more


Corporate attorneys supervise commercial transactions and structure them so that corporations function within the boundaries of the law. To be a corporate lawyer takes knowledge of contract law, accounting, intellectual property rights, as well as local and state and federal regulations... read more


A criminal defense attorney is a lawyer that defends a person or persons when they are accused of breaking the law. There are multiple types of criminal attorneys ranging from murder to internet fraud to DWI (driving while intoxicated). Criminal defense attorneys negotiate with prosecuting ... read more


Education is a government provision conducted through public schooling. Education lawyers deal with any facility with the responsibility of educating children. Education attorneys deal with and enforce the rules of who is able to get an education and in what environment are they allowed access... read more


Elder law attorneys are specialized attorneys who take special interest in laws that affect older people and their families. Medications and pharmaceutical companies, nursing homes and hospitals, long term health care plans and the need to keep fees at manageable rates are some of the ... read more


Employment attorneys practice law specializing in protecting people in their workplace. Any kind of discrimination affecting employees, labor standards, slander, defamation or family and medical leave rights are taken into consideration by an employment lawyer ... read more


Entertainment attorneys use multiple areas of legal practice to advise and represent their clients. The different types of employment make knowledge of diverse legal practices necessary for the good entertainment... read more


Family law attorneys deal specifically with laws having to do with family matters. There are multiple facets to each instance of representation required and knowledge of individuals and their family histories are necessary. Family law lawyers must interview each family member... read more


General Practice typically encompasses a broad range of areas. General practice attorneys are considered full service lawyers and are qualified to handle cases having to do with personal injury, business dealings and mediation, family and estate planning, and litigation representation. ... read more


Mesothelioma is a form of cancer that is preventable if precautionary measures are used within certain working environments. Mesothelioma attorneys bring suit against companies who have deceived their employees about exposure to asbestos while the employees were working ... read more


Vioxx attorneys represent persons experiencing harmful side effects from taking the arthritis drug Vioxx. These attorneys specialize in litigation pertaining to this drug and have an enhanced knowledge of procedures pertaining to prescription drug regulation and FDA standards ... read more


Immigration lawyers provide services to those individuals who wish to become citizens of the United States. For a person to become a citizen there are certain regulations that need to be followed. Immigration attorneys provide information to people wanting to enter the country, with their families ... read more


Intellectual property attorneys are also known as entertainments attorneys, patent attorneys and trademark lawyers. Intellectual property lawyers also have specialty areas such as internet, entertainment laws of transaction and technological information. ... read more


The attorney general of the United States has, in its Department of Justice, the Office of the Ombudsperson. A problem in the workplace can be discussed in confidentiality with the staff of this branch of government. Attorney general offices in each state have persons with whom ... read more


Legal malpractice attorneys represent persons who have previously retained lawyers as representation, and through the neglect of the original lawyer the clients and their cases have suffered. ... read more


American media attorneys deal with all forms of media and the rights that belong to the creator of the idea for that particular media. Ideas and creations are considered intellectual property and are protected by copyright and licensing laws. Such creations as the works of musicians ... read more


Medical malpractice is considered mistakes made by medical professionals concerning the health and welfare of the persons in their care. Malpractice usually results in injury, either psychological, physical or both, or death as a result of mistakes or negligence on the part of a medical ... read more


Military laws are goverened by the federal regulations and the Uniform Code of Military Justice. Military lawyers deal with these rules to issue appropriate disciplinary actions of military personel.Military law also has incorporated into it regualr civilan law and military attorneys ... read more


Any case of a person or persons becoming injured due to negligence on the part of another person or business is called personal injury. Personal injury lawyers are those lawyers that take on cases of malpractice, workers compensation, car accidents, airplane crashes, product ... read more


Product liability lawyers work in the filed of mediating and litigating about products that cause harm by way of malfunction. The products purchased or leased from retailers are done so with assurances of quality and proper functioning. Persons who come to harm or injury due to negligence ... read more


Real estate attorneys must be knowledgeable of federal, state and common laws so that they can be well informed when supervising the financing, acquisitions and managing of properties. Real estate lawyers negotiate re financing, mortagages, purchases and sale ... read more


Securities lawyers are involved with bonds and stocks issued by corporations and governments as proof of ownership for a final payoff. These bonds are called securitites as they are proof of eventual payment from corporations or government that they have been purchased from ... read more


Tax lawyers need to be informed of tax laws pertaining to the many tax regualtions persons have to face when earning income, buying or selling posessions or even dying in the United States. Taxation involves income from business or personal endevours and their are foreign tax regulations ... read more


Toxic tort attorneys represent persons that have come into contact with poisonous substances through the neglect of companies or individuals. A tort attorney litigates for compensation so that the client can be compensated monetarily, as the conditions resulting from these kinds of exposure ... read more


Estate planning attorneys advise clients on living wills, death wills and transfer of wealth from one generation to another. Well versed in tax laws, elder care laws and the general laws of family and real estate law, trust lawyers help individuals and families plan for the care of themselves ... read more