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Aviation Laws in the United States govern aircraft operations and the maintaining of aircraft facilities. Statutes have been created by state and federal governments to create a safer air traffic environment. Aircraft engage in interstate and international commerce. Aviation lawyers must be knowledgeable in the laws pertaining to states aviation laws as well as federal aviation laws. There are commercial airlines and there are non commercial airlines. General aviation law encompasses all non commercial aircraft.

Aviation Disaster Lawyers are an extension of the specialty of Personal Injury Law. Since personal injury law is regulated by individual states, the federal aviation agency has put regulations in place that can supersede those laws and allow aviation accident lawyers to help victims and their families get the compensation they deserve.

Aviation accident lawyers hire consultants to investigate crash scenes to get accurate details of the crash or malfunction. It has been documented that the majority of crashes occur due to pilot error or parts malfunction. Aviation accident attorneys investigate all aspects of evidence to determine the proper cause of malfunction