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Types of  law : Civil Rights


A Civil Rights attorney has the responsibility of defending the written rights guaranteed to all citizens of the United States. These rights include freedom of speech, freedom to vote, freedom of the press, freedom of assembly, freedom to vote, freedom from slavery, and the right to be treated fairly in public places. These rights are to be given to all people regardless of ethnicity or gender, age or whether or not they have previously engaged in servitude, sexual preference, or physical and intellectual limitations.

Civil Rights Lawyers act on behalf of persons who feel their Civil Rights have been violated. There are entire law firms dedicated to enforcing the civil rights of African Americans, immigrants, people who have been discriminated against because of their gender or their sexual preference, because they are handicapped in either a physical or intellectual way. The usual recourse of such legal action is for a Civil Rights lawyer to act on behalf of a person who has been discriminated against is to act against a certain law or action by making it illegal or to allow a person who has been discriminated against to sue the offending party. Suing can be in the form of monetary compensation or to sue to stop particular offenses.

The Attorney General has a Civil Rights division within his office as the overseer of regulations having to do with Civil Rights actions, and civil rights law firms are the civilian representation of claims of uncivil acts of discrimination. The Federal Bureau of Investigation investigates claims of discrimination. Depending on the type of complaint filed, the appropriate division of Civil Rights within the Attorney General's offices will be contacted and investigations will proceed from there. Once it has been established then the appropriate department takes the proceedings into consideration and evidence gathering, testimonials and other indications of discrimination will be taken into account.

Civil rights departments can perform interventions if applicable. There are different statutes of Civil Rights that encompass individual's rights ranging from voting to housing to institutionalized persons. Civil rights attorneys are invested with the power and responsibility to help persons in the United States achieve the freedom they receive automatically as a citizen of the country.