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A criminal defense attorney is a lawyer that defends a person or persons when they are accused of breaking the law. There are multiple types of criminal attorneys ranging from murder to internet fraud to DWI (driving while intoxicated). Criminal defense attorneys negotiate with prosecuting attorneys and do their best to get the kind of sentence that best benefits their client in a rehabilitative sense to avoid more conflict upon his or her release. Criminal defense lawyers also hire investigators to research the charges and testify on behalf of the defendant against witnesses who may have testified in a less truthful manner.

Federal criminal defense lawyers defend suspects in federal cases in federal courts. Federal court processes are similar to state court process except that federal situations can be more costly and difficult to defend due to the caliber of prosecuting attorney. There are federal defense offices with the appropriate attorneys available for persons unable to secure proper representation. Federal defense cases are specialized cases that require experience with the federal legal system and experience with grand juries. Persons involved with federal investigation usually get a "target" (the person being investigated, or whom the authorities have the evidence against) letter or a "subject" (person who had behavior around the "target" of the investigation) letter. Federal criminal defense attorneys must be familiar with the sentencing guidelines so that they can properly advise their clients as to what will happen to them if convicted.

DUI defense attorney works in a specialty area of law. Drunk driving defense lawyers require specialized knowledge of scientific data concerning the influence of alcohol on a person, anatomy and biochemistry as well as knowledge of evidence procedures, search and seizure, legal counsel requirements, and interrogation procedures. The procedures and operation of testing equipment such as breathalyzers and hospital equipment are also necessary.

Sexual abuse criminal defense attorneys defend men and women who are arrested on suspicions and evidence of sexual misconduct with children or adults. These sexual assault defense attorneys have their work cut out for them in that sexual charges are difficult to fight in court. It is believed that when a charge of sexual misconduct is heard most people convict without hearing all the evidence. Defense attorneys of sexual predators take an aggressive stance in the courtroom to make the charges brought about by the prosecutors look blown out of proportion or unfounded. Some defense attorneys are reluctant to take on clients with sexual charges against them as they fear it may diminish their reputation. Defense attorneys of persons charged with sexual harassment, sexual assault or sexual misconduct with a child find it difficult to get good legal representation in some cases and so therefore there are sexual assault criminal defense attorneys who make it a mission to help people who otherwise might be discriminated against in a court of law.