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Types of  law : Elder law


Elder law attorneys are specialized attorneys who take special interest in laws that affect older people and their families. Medications and pharmaceutical companies, nursing homes and hospitals, long term health care plans and the need to keep fees at manageable rates are some of the topics that elder law lawyers research and litigate over.

Elder care lawyers help families and older persons plan for their future. They have plans for payment of nursing home fees and medication fees. Elder law also helps individuals and families create living wills and family estates.

Limited power guardians are persons that, under elder law statutes, can help an older person run their household, or do whatever a court sees fit. If a person is unable to pay their bills but is still able to make rational decisions then limited guardianship would encompass bill paying at no more than that. The guardianship is meant to supplement what the older person can do and to keep them safe while still keeping their freedoms in tact.