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Types of  law : Family


Family law attorneys deal specifically with laws having to do with family matters. There are multiple facets to each instance of representation required and knowledge of individuals and their family histories are necessary. Family law lawyers must interview each family member involved, or mediate for families so agreements can be made in an amiable or restructuring way.

The most common family law attorneys are the divorce lawyers, but other aspects of family law are represented as well. Child support claims and those stipulations, custody and who gets custody, visitation and length of visitation. Adoption proceedings, who can adopt, the rights of fathers, mothers, and the different statutes of each state, paternity and how it is determined, domestic abuse charges, who was abused, spousal abuse, child abuse, sexual abuse and the court's rulings, annulments of marriages and what are considered voidable marriages, are all represented by the family law attorney. How these cases are decided by the courts and for what reasons are determined by the knowledge and representation of the family law attorney.