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Types of  law : Labor Attorney


The attorney general of the United States has, in its Department of Justice, the Office of the Ombudsperson. A problem in the workplace can be discussed in confidentiality with the staff of this branch of government. Attorney general offices in each state have persons with whom people having problems in the work place can speak as well.

Labor employment lawyers may advise clients in ways that promote healthy working environments and settle disputes without litigious means. However, if disputes are serious and without reasonable accommodation to either party, labor employment and labor relations attorneys will litigate on behalf of their client.

How labor employment lawyers assist employers is by advising them on preparing handbooks containing workplace policies, policies by which to develop drug and alcohol testing, fair wages, regulations on layoffs, health and safety regulations, confidentiality of trade secrets and rights of disabled employees among many other requirements for running a safe and employee friendly work place.

Labor law attorneys litigate on behalf of their clients if need be. Some reasons for an employment and labor relations attorney to go to court are discrimination of any type, harassment in the workplace, benefits, wrongfully discharged from employment, hourly wage and many more.