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Types of  law : Media


American media attorneys deal with all forms of media and the rights that belong to the creator of the idea for that particular media. Ideas and creations are considered intellectual property and are protected by copyright and licensing laws. Such creations as the works of musicians and writers of lyrics, computer software technologies, industrial arts and written works are covered by copyright and licensing . Permissions by artists for use of their creations, such as music, photos, paintings, lyrics and images for internet use, are all supervised by the media attorney.

American media lawyers are also responsible for the managing of merchandising on behalf of the creator of the work or their small enterprise. The importance of the rights of the artist and the integrity of the work are kept in tact by the competent media attorney. Consulting with managers of designers and artists for record keeping and financial management purposes, drafting of contracts and purchases on behalf of the artist or the artist's company are watched over by the media attorney.