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Types of  law : Product Liability


Product liability lawyers work in the filed of mediating and litigating about products that cause harm by way of malfunction. The products purchased or leased from retailers are done so with assurances of quality and proper functioning. Persons who come to harm or injury due to negligence on the part of manufacturers or from persons or businesses who lease or sell such products may be liable for suit when injuries or harm occurs.

Product liability attorneys collect evidence of malfunction or improper manufacture and assess situations concerning amount of damages, reasonable compensation, and potential award to be received. Things that product liability attorneys look for are defective marketing. This type of marketing fails to let consumers know of potential hazards of the product they are using. Design defects are those defects that happen while the product is being designed and manufacturing defects are what occur while the product is being made.

Examples of defective products are medications, infant products such as strollers, swings and toys, food from stores or fast food and make up and automobiles and their products, such as tires.