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Types of  law : Real Estate


Real estate attorneys must be knowledgeable of federal, state and common laws so that they can be well informed when supervising the financing, acquisitions and managing of properties.

Real estate lawyers negotiate re financing, mortagages, purchases and sale agreements of individual and commercial properties. They also must be knowledgeable of tax laws and leases for buildings of individual and professional use.

Real estae attorneys must, at times, litigate on behalf of their clients. Wrongful possession, titles and land boundaries including walls, fences and other landmarkings, condeming of property and fraud are just a few of the reasons for court procedures.

Brokering issues such as defense of real estate agents including fraud, misrepresentation, disclosure omissions and breach duty having to do with fiduciary matters. Lawyers working in real esate also handle real estate investment, sales, zoning, and landlord and tenant problems