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Types of  law : Securities


Securities lawyers are involved with bonds and stocks issued by corporations and governments as proof of ownership for a final payoff. These bonds are called securitites as they are proof of eventual payment from corporations or government that they have been purchased from. Securitiesare only good as long as the corporation or government are functional. Familliarity with state and federal laws is necessary because securities are regulated by both.

Securities litigation lawyers go to court on matter of stockbroker and investment fraud. Stockbrokers who advise clients to invest in dubious sticks can br brought to court for unsuitable accounts and "churning", which is the buying and selling in excessive amounts by a broker given control of an account. Stockbrokers engage in this activity without permission of their client and "churn" to get more commissions.

Upon investing it is recommended that persons retain the services of a securities lawyer to advise them of laws, regulations and some tips to avoid the would-be dangers of dubious stockbrokers.