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Types of  law : Toxic Torts


Toxic tort attorneys represent persons that have come into contact with poisonous substances through the neglect of companies or individuals. A tort attorney litigates for compensation so that the client can be compensated monetarily, as the conditions resulting from these kinds of exposure often result in permanent illness or death.

Some toxic tort lawyers represent persons having been exposed to lead paint, asbestos, chemicals used in dry cleaning, electro magnetic exposure from power lines, landfill wastes, mercury and dioxins. Pharmaceutical medications have been the subject of tort law as well.

Toxic tort attorneys frequently file class action suits on behalf of many people affected by poisonous substances in their work environment, or else in neighborhoods having been exposed to corporate toxic influences. These suits are called "class action" lawsuits.

Tort attorneys consult with experts in many fields, science in particular. The evidence is not always accessible to persons not in particular fields, so the testimony of individuals with experience in a range of areas from psychiatry to economics will be asked significant questions to prove the damages and get compensation for victims of poisoning.