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Types of  law : Vioxx


Vioxx attorneys represent persons experiencing harmful side effects from taking the arthritis drug Vioxx. These attorneys specialize in litigation pertaining to this drug and have an enhanced knowledge of procedures pertaining to prescription drug regulation and FDA standards. Because of their familiarity with these standards, Vioxx lawyers are experts in this area of litigation.

If a person has taken vioxx has experienced negative side effects it is important for them to contact an attorney who specializes in vioxx cases promptly, as there is only a certain amount of time such persons can make a claim of injury due to side effects. A vioxx attorney will take all pertinent information: prescription dates, how long vioxx was taken, dosage each time, and the exact complications due to vioxx resulted. After assessing the evidence and speaking to all relevant parties, the vioxx lawyer will then determine if the client has grounds for a law suit.

Most attorneys who take vioxx cases require no retainer and will take their fee from the client's compensation. If the case does not win then the lawyer receives no payment.